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  12. Anonymous asked: Is it easier or harder to be a photographer in NYC? There must be tons more opportunities and things to shoot, but is the competition really intense?

    I always enjoy seeing great photography, however I’m not focused on what everyone else is doing. Life often can seem like a competition, but we all come from the same place, members of one another. I don’t wash my feet to make them more beautiful than my face. So while I very much appreciate others divine gifts I stay away from belief systems where I live under competition, or striving etc. Once we get out of our own way and become unlocked from the inside there are always opportunities and an infinity of abundance.


  13. zahrathomas asked: Hey Hey! We met this morning in Manhattan at the shoot. If you'll be in NY for a bit longer we should shoot together.

    Hey there, thanks for getting in touch. I’m in LA, if you make it out this way and want to shoot, you can message me @ gabrielzadokeverett@yahoo.com for more info.  All the best


  14. heidiliou asked: I love your photography style:)

    thank you :)

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